ACE Governing Documents

UNL's eight undergraduate colleges voted to adopt the ACE program based on student learning outcomes in 2008. Four governing documents created and approved by the faculty provide: 10 Student Learning Outcomes, the criteria and rules for the ACE courses, and the process for ACE certification, recertification, and assessment.

ACE Governing Document I: Institutional Objectives and Student Learning Objectives
List of 10 ACE Student Learning Outcomes
ACE Governing Document II: Structural Criteria
Structural criteria and rules for ACE courses
ACE Governing Document IV: Governance and Assessment
Processes to certify, assess, and recertify ACE courses
ACE Governing Document III: Populating ACE: A Process for Proposing, Reviewing, and Certifying the Initial Set of ACE Courses
Developed to guide the process for initial ACE course certification. Kept for archival purposes.