ACE Co-Curricular Options

ACE Governing Document IV allows students to satisfy one ACE outcome with a co-curricular experience. Students can choose from one of three options: General Co-Curricular, Education Abroad, and Military Experience.

Guidelines for using a Co-Curricular Experience, an Education Abroad Experience, or a Veteran's Experience for an ACE outcome can be found below.

Education Abroad Experience

  • Education Abroad Experience for ACE 9 Information
  • Education Abroad Experience for ACE 9 Completion Form - please see the Education Abroad office for form (127 Love Library South)
  • The student should reflect on just one specific issue, rather than several issues.
  • The issue does not necessarily have to be something the student personally encountered or that personally affected the student’s daily life abroad. It could be something that the student observed, discussed, read about, etc. If the student does choose to address a personal issue, the student should connect it to a larger issue affecting the citizens of the host country.
  • While the reflection need not be an extensive research paper, doing some light research may help the student analyze the issue beyond the student’s own knowledge, perspective, and opinion.