ACE Recertification

To ensure that ACE certified courses continue to align with the outcome, ACE Governing Document IV established a process to recertify and assess ACE courses on a five-year rotating basis.  The recertification process is completed at the course level and includes information on the students' achievement of the outcome (based on the assessment of the student work that was collected each time the ACE course was taught) and any modifications made to the course to improve student learning of the outcome.

Steps for ACE recertification:

  1. Log into CREQ. Click the UNL Login button at the top of the page to enter Blackboard username and password.
  2. Complete New Request - Course.
  3. Enter course subject code and course number and choose the "Recertification of this ACE certified course" option.Complete the recertification questions.
  4. You can edit the original certification proposal if information has changed. If no changes to the certification proposal are necessary, skip to the recertification questions.
  5. Attach syllabus including the following information:
    • The Learning Outcome(s) that would be satisfied by the course.
    • A brief description of the opportunities this course would provide for students to acquire the knowledge or skills necessary to achieve the Learning Outcome(s).
    • A brief description of the graded assignments that the instructor(s) will use to assess the students’ achievement of the Outcome(s).
  6. Submit request.

ACE recertification quick facts

ACE recertification template

ACE recertification protocols