Schedule for Recertification and Assessment Reporting

ACE Governing Document 4: Governance & Assessment (part VIII. Recertification of ACE Courses1) requires that ACE courses will completed the recertification and department assessment reporting process initially on a staggered timeline, followed by five-year cycles.

Schedule for ACE Recertification & Department Assessment Reporting

Academic Year ACE Student Learning Outcome (SLO)*
2011-2012 1, 2, 3
2012-2013 4, 6, 7
2013-2014 5, 9
2014-2015 8, 10
2015-2016 ACE program review

* Courses certified for two outcomes that are scheduled for recertification in different years: The department can select which of the years they choose to submit their request for recertification and department assessment reports. Note: Both outcomes are to be recertified and assessed in that chosen year.