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These questions and answers were originally generated over the 2-3 years leading up to the approval of ACE by UNL's eight undergraduate colleges:

ACE Archived Q & A

  • 2. What is the role of the Interim ACE (IACE) committee in course certification?
    The IACE committee will follow the guidelines created and approved by the now-dissolved General Education Advisory Committee in its deliberations to certify ACE courses. The job of the IACE committee is to ensure that students have the opportunity to attain the outcome in the course and that faculty members have a plan to assess and improve their courses over time. The IACE committee’s job is not to approve course content; that is the domain of the department and college. [IACE dissolves August 31, 2009. The curricular responsibilities for ACE will be transferred to an ACE subcommittee of the University Curriculum Committee (UCC). For more on the the UCC subcommittee see the ACE Governing Document 4: Governance and Assessment]

  • 3. What is the ACE Incentive Program and how do I request the funds for my department?
    To help stimulate submission of courses for the ACE curriculum, Chancellor Perlman and SVCAA Couture have offered funding incentives. Departments/academic units will receive $1,000-per-course for each of their first five courses certified by the ACE committee. Upon implementation of an ACE course the department/unit will be awarded an additional $500-per-course bonus (for up to five courses).