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  • ACE Certification Guidelines
    The Guidelines for Review of ACE Course Certification Requests will be used by the UCC ACE Subcommittee as it considers courses for ACE certification. Faculty may wish to use these guidelines to help them determine whether or not a course they are proposing for ACE certification is submitted for the appropriate Student Learning Outcome (SLO).

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  • ACE Certification Form - Blank Example Word | PDF
    The purpose of this form is to enable faculty members to familiarize themselves with the ACE certification form and to provide a formatted document in which they can work up and save their ACE proposal before entering it on-line at

Using General Education as a Compass - Value of ACE

Dr. Patrice Berger, Director of UNL Honors Program, delivered a speech to the W.H. Thompson Learning Community January 29, 2010. He discussed the value of the ACE program as it relates to students' aspirations. He has kindly granted us permission to post the speech so that others might benefit from his vision of using general education to provide a compass for future academic and co-curricular choices that students make as they prepare to be active citizens in our society.