About Achievement-Centered Education: ACE

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The eight undergraduate colleges of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln voted to adopt a new general education program based on student learning outcomes in December 2007, implemented in fall 2009. The innovative program, Achievement-Centered Education (ACE), resulted from two and a half years of campus-wide discussions and reflects what faculty believes 21st century graduates of this institution ought to know.

Consistent with the mission and values of the university, ACE has already begun to earn a national reputation as an innovative, outcomes-focused program.

ACE Governing Documents

Hallmarks of ACE:

  • ACE is outcomes-focused. Students will know why they are taking the class [and experiences] and what they will learn. ACE is designed to help students integrate what they learn throughout their education and in their lives.
  • ACE is shared by all 8 undergraduate colleges - What works for one, works for all.
  • ACE is simple for faculty and advisers to administer and for students to understand.
  • ACE allows faculty to assess and improve their effectiveness and facilitate students' progress.
  • ACE accommodates the full range of undergraduate students (e.g., transfer students, distance students, diverse students, rising achievement levels of incoming undergraduates, non-traditional students, etc.).
  • ACE enhances the undergraduate experience by providing broad exposure to multiple disciplines, complementing the major, and helping students develop important reasoning, inquiry, and civic capacities.
  • ACE gives students more responsibility for their own learning.
  • ACE places responsibility for the success of the program with the faculty, who will create, govern, manage and teach the courses.
  • ACE promises to drive a cultural shift in student learning within the university.

Updated July 8, 2009