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To submit your proposal for the new Achievement-Centered Education (ACE) general education program, go to:

To assist you with your submission, the following is recommended:

  1. Save your submission in a separate document before entering it into the course approval system. Like many online forms, information you enter is not saved until you click on "submit" or "save for later submission". To assist you with this, a document has been created that is representative of the ACE portion of the course request form. You may wish to use this unofficial form to save your course information.
    • ACE Certification Form - Blank Example Word | PDF

      Once you click on "submit", please let the system finish processing your request before ending your session. This should only take a few seconds

ACE Certified Proposal Syllabi

As we build ACE ? both in submitting new proposals and offering courses already certified,? please remember to include information in your syllabus as required in the ACE Governing Documents, which were approved by faculty vote in January 2008.  The ACE Governing Document #4, Section VII, A. states:

Each instructor of an ACE-certified course is responsible for:

  • seeing that the syllabus clearly indicates the ACE Outcome(s) for which the course is certified,
  • the opportunities the course will give students to acquire the knowledge or skills necessary to achieve the Learning Outcome(s), and
  • the graded assignments which s/he will use to assess the students? achievement of the Outcome(s).

An ACE syllabus must include the ACE outcome for which it is certified, a list of the oppotunities that students will have to learn the outcome, and the graded assignments which will be used to assess the students' achievement of the outcom.  It is important that faculty include the relevant information in the syllabus for both certification and later, for recertification.

CSCE 155A ACE syllabus example