Achievement-Centered Education

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Created for 21st century students, UNL's Achievement-Centered Education (ACE) general education program is built on student learning outcomes that answer the fundamental question, "What should all undergraduate students - irrespective of their majors and career aspirations - know or be able to do upon graduation?"

Consisting of 10 student learning outcomes, ACE was developed to help students of every major develop skills, build knowledge, exercise social responsibility, and integrate and apply those capabilities.

ACE is a 30-hour program with a minimum of 3 credit hours for each of the 10 student learning outcomes.

Hallmarks of ACE

ACE enhances the undergraduate experience by providing broad exposure to multiple disciplines, complementing the major, and helping students develop important reasoning, inquiry, and civic capacities.

ACE is outcome-focused. Students know why they are taking the class and what they will learn. ACE is designed to help students integrate what they learn throughout their education and in their lives.

ACE is shared by all undergraduate colleges. A course that satisfies an ACE outcome for one college will work for all the colleges if a student decides to change majors.

ACE allows faculty to assess and improve their effectiveness and facilitate students' progress.