ACE 10 Quality Initiative Project

The ACE 10 Inquiry Project engaged faculty in focused conversation about how they are implementing and assessing student learning in ACE 10 courses and encouraged best practices across departments and disciplines.

The program was designed to help faculty:

  • Explore methods and tools for assessing work produced in ACE 10 courses.
  • Develop a collegial community who can share ideas about ACE 10 curriculum and assessment.
  • Sponsor conversation on connecting ACE 10 assessment to department's major curriculum.
  • Develop useful processes for creating ACE 10 assessment reports.

Twenty-six faculty members representing all eight UNL undergraduate colleges met monthly during 2013-2014 to investigate the following topics:

  • What can we learn from another and as an institution from sharing our experiences with developing and teaching ACE 10 courses?
  • What does integrative learning look like in ACE 10 courses? What challenges do we face as instructors in sponsoring and assessing integrative learning?
  • What are the AACU Leap Value rubrics and how might they be useful for thinking about how to assess ACE 10 courses?
  • How can we share and use what we learn from assessment with colleagues in our programs?

Poster Presentations