ACE Course Listing

1ADPR 221Strategic Writing for Advertising and Public Relations 
1BRDC 260Media Writing and Content Development 
1BSAD 220Business Writing 
1BSAD 220HHonors Business WritingRAIK 288H
1ENGL 150Writing and Inquiry 
1ENGL 150HHonors Writing: Writing and Inquiry 
1ENGL 151Writing for Change 
1ENGL 151HHonors Writing: Writing and Argument 
1ENGL 254Writing and Communities 
1ENGL 254HHonors: Writing and Communities 
1ENGL 354Writing: Uses of Literacy 
1GERM 403Advanced Syntax and Stylistics in German 
1JGEN 120Basic Business Communication 
1JGEN 200Technical Communication I 
1JGEN 220HBusiness Communication Strategies Honors 
1JGEN 288HHonors: Applied Communication Seminar II 
1JGEN 300Technical Communication II 
1JOUR 200BFundamentals of Editing and Reporting II 
1SPAN 300AAdvanced Writing and Reading for Comprehension. Special Course for Heritage Speakers of Spanish 
1SPAN 304Advanced Writing and Conversation 
1SPMC 250Beginning Sports Writing for News and Promotion 
2ALEC 102Interpersonal Skills for Leadership 
2ARTP 160Street Art: Visual Voice in the Urban Environment 
2ARTP 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
2COMM 101Communication in the 21st Century 
2COMM 101HHonors: Communication in the 21st Century 
2COMM 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
2COMM 209Public Speaking 
2COMM 209HHonors: Public Speaking 
2COMM 210Communicating in Small Groups 
2COMM 212Debate 
2COMM 215Visual Communication 
2COMM 283Interpersonal Communication 
2COMM 286Business and Professional Communication 
2COMM 290University Speech and Debate Seminar 
2COMM 311Intercultural and Intergroup CommunicationETHN 311
2COMM 360Dialogue Across Difference 
2COMM 374Mental Health Communication: Communication, Stigma & (Dis)Connection 
2EMAR 140Visual Expression Studio I 
2ENGR 100Interpersonal Skills for Engineering Leaders 
2ENGR 100HHonors: Interpersonal Skills for Engineering Leaders 
2GERM 303Advanced Communication: Exploring Contested Identities 
2JAPN 301Advanced Conversation and Composition I 
2JAPN 302Advanced Conversation and Composition II 
2JGEN 184Basic Photography/Videography 
2JGEN 300Technical Communication II 
2MRKT 257Sales Communication 
2NRES 301Environmental Communication Skills 
2NUTR 302Health Information: Science, Media, and the Consumer 
2SOFT 261Software Engineering IV 
2SOFT 261HSoftware Engineering IVRAIK 284H
2SPAN 303Advanced Reading and Conversation 
2TEAC 259Instructional Technology 
2THEA 234Scripts on Stage and Screen 
2TMFD 121Visual Communication with Animation 
2TMFD 144Introduction to Design Theory and Criticism 
3ANTH 484Data Analytics in Anthropology 
3CRIM 300Applied Statistics and Data Processing in the Public Sector 
3CSCE 101Fundamentals of Computer Science 
3CSCE 155AComputer Science I 
3CSCE 155EComputer Science I: Systems Engineering Focus 
3CSCE 155HHonors: Computer Science I 
3CSCE 155NComputer Science I: Engineering and Science Focus 
3CSCE 155TComputer Science I: Informatics Focus 
3CSCE 183HHonors: Computer Problem Solving EssentialsRAIK 183H
3ECON 215Statistics 
3ECON 215HHonors: Statistics 
3EDPS 330Statistics and Measurement in Nutrition, Fitness and Health Promotion 
3EDPS 459Statistical Methods 
3EMAR 160Computation and Media Studio I 
3ENGL 279Digital Literary Analysis 
3MATH 104Applied Calculus 
3MATH 106Calculus I 
3MATH 107Calculus II 
3MATH 107HHonors: Calculus II 
3MATH 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
3MATH 203Contemporary Mathematics 
3MATH 203JContemporary Math 
3MATH 208Calculus III 
3MATH 208HHonors: Calculus III 
3PHIL 110Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking 
3PHIL 211Introduction to Modern Logic 
3SOCI 206Introduction to Social Statistics 
3STAT 218Introduction to Statistics 
3STAT 380Statistics and ApplicationsRAIK 270H
4AGRI 115Biotechnology: Food, Health and Environment 
4AGST 109Physical Principles in Agriculture and Life Sciences 
4ANTH 232Introduction to Archaeology 
4ANTH 242Introduction to Biological Anthropology 
4ASTR 103Descriptive Astronomy 
4ASTR 103HHonors: Descriptive Astronomy 
4ASTR 113Selected Topics in Astronomy 
4ASTR 117Life in the UniverseBIOS 117; GEOL 117
4ASTR 204Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics 
4BIOS 101General Biology 
4BIOS 110Human Biology 
4BIOS 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
4CHEM 105AChemistry in Context I 
4CHEM 109AGeneral Chemistry I 
4CHEM 110AGeneral Chemistry II 
4CHEM 113AFundamental Chemistry I 
4ENTO 115Insect BiologyBIOS 115
4FDST 131The Science of FoodCHEM 131; NUTR 131
4FDST 131HThe Science of FoodCHEM 131H; NUTR 131H
4FDST 301Chemistry of Food 
4GEOG 155Elements of Physical Geography 
4GEOL 100Introduction to Geology 
4GEOL 101Dynamic Earth 
4GEOL 103Earth Through Time 
4GEOL 105Fossils and the History of Life 
4GEOL 109Oceanography 
4GEOL 110Deadly Planet 
4GEOL 120Geology of National Parks and Monuments 
4GEOL 125Frontiers in Antarctic Geosciences 
4LIFE 120Fundamentals of Biology I 
4LIFE 121Fundamentals of Biology II 
4METR 100Weather and Climate 
4METR 140Severe and Unusual Weather 
4METR 180Climate Change, Energy, and the Environment 
4NRES 108Earth's Natural Resource Systems Laboratory 
4NRES 115Introduction to Environmental Science 
4NRES 125Introduction to Zoo and Aquarium Science 
4PHYS 115Descriptive Physics 
4PHYS 141Elementary General Physics I 
4PHYS 141HHonors: Elementary General Physics I 
4PHYS 151Elements of Physics 
4PHYS 211General Physics I 
4PHYS 211HHonors: General Physics I 
4PHYS 212General Physics II 
4PHYS 212HHonors: General Physics II 
4PLAS 100Plants, Landscapes, & the Environment 
4PLAS 131Plant Science 
4POLS 250Genetics, Brains, and Politics 
4PSYC 273Brain & Behavior 
4SCIL 109Water in SocietyAECN 109; ENVR 109; GEOG 109; NRES 109
4TMFD 206Textiles 
5ANTH 260Pandemics from Past to Present 
5ARCH 240Architecture History and Theory I 
5ARCH 241Architecture History and Theory II 
5AREN 377Global Experiences in Architectural Engineering 
5CLAS 141Spectacle and Entertainment in the Roman World 
5CLAS 180Classical Mythology 
5CLAS 222Sparta 
5CLAS 241Ancient Greek Athletics 
5CLAS 245War in the Classical World 
5CLAS 281The World of Classical GreeceENGL 240A
5CLAS 282The World of Classical RomeENGL 240B
5CLAS 283Epic Tales: The World's Heroes and Gods 
5CLAS 321Women in Classical MythologyWMNS 321
5COMM 250Rhetoric, Media, and Civic Life 
5COMM 333The Rhetoric of the American Presidency 
5CZEC 387Women Totalitarian Experience: Culture, Identity and MemoryGERM 387; JUDS 387; WMNS 387
5DSGN 140History of Design 
5ENGL 107Words on Fire: Seven Books to Light Your World 
5ENGL 180Introduction to Literature 
5ENGL 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
5ENGL 201Introduction to Drama 
5ENGL 202Introduction to Poetry 
5ENGL 205Twentieth-Century Fiction 
5ENGL 206Science Fiction 
5ENGL 207Reading Popular Literature 
5ENGL 208Mystery, Gothic, and Detective Fiction 
5ENGL 210IIllness and Health in Literature 
5ENGL 210LArthur in Legend and Literature 
5ENGL 210PLiterature of War and Peace 
5ENGL 211Literature of Place 
5ENGL 212Introduction to LGBTQ LiteratureWMNS 212
5ENGL 215Introduction to Women's LiteratureWMNS 215
5ENGL 216Children's Literature 
5ENGL 217Introduction to Young Adult Literature 
5ENGL 218Literature and Psychology 
5ENGL 230British Literature: Anglo-Saxons through Enlightenment 
5ENGL 230AShakespeare 
5ENGL 231British Literature: Romantics Through Modernists 
5ENGL 231HHonors: British Literature: Romantics Through Modernists 
5ENGL 242Global Literatures since 1850GLST 242
5ENGL 244African American Literature since 1865ETHN 244
5ENGL 244EAfrican American Literature before 1865ETHN 244E
5ENGL 244AIntroduction to African LiteratureETHN 244A
5ENGL 245AIntroduction to Asian American LiteratureETHN 245A
5ENGL 245JJewish-American LiteratureJUDS 245J
5ENGL 245NIntroduction to Native American LiteratureETHN 245N
5ENGL 260American Literature before 1865 
5ENGL 261American Literature since 1865 
5ENGL 270Literary Criticism and Theory 
5ENGL 275Introduction to Rhetorical Theory 
5ENGL 277Being Human in a Digital AgeHIST 277
5ENGL 278Introduction to Digital HumanitiesANTH 278; CLAS 278; HIST 278; MODL 278
5ENGL 301BTwentieth-Century Drama 
5ENGL 302APoetry since 1945 
5ENGL 303Short Story 
5ENGL 305AThe Birth of the Novel 
5ENGL 311Revolution and Romanticism 
5ENGL 312LGBTQ Literature and FilmWMNS 312
5ENGL 317Literature and the Environment 
5ENGL 330AShakespeare on Screen 
5ENGL 331British Authors Since 1800 
5ENGL 333AWilla Cather and Her World 
5ENGL 340Classical Roots of English LiteratureCLAS 340
5ENGL 344DCaribbean LiteratureETHN 344D
5ENGL 345DChicana and/or Chicano LiteratureETHN 345D
5ENGL 345NNative American Women WritersETHN 345N; WMNS 345N
5ENGL 346Cuban-American LiteratureETHN 346
5ENGL 364Introduction to Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature 
5ENGL 365Introduction to Nineteenth-Century British Literature 
5FILM 269Film Period 
5FREN 301Survey of French Literature 
5FREN 302Themes in French Literature 
5FREN 323Aspects of Francophone Civilization 
5GEOG 334Historical Geography of the Great Plains 
5GERM 302Contemporary German Culture: Film, Literature, Theater 
5GPSP 377Women of the Great PlainsGEOG 377; WMNS 377
5HIST 110American History to 1877 
5HIST 110HHonors: American History to 1877 
5HIST 111American History After 1877 
5HIST 111HHonors: American History After 1877 
5HIST 112History of the U.S. Present 
5HIST 123Edison to Facebook: Technological Innovation in Modern America 
5HIST 130Premodern Europe 
5HIST 131Modern Europe 
5HIST 131HHonors: Modern Europe 
5HIST 165America by Disaster 
5HIST 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
5HIST 204Women and Gender in U.S. HistoryWMNS 204
5HIST 209Ancient GreeceCLAS 209
5HIST 210Ancient RomeCLAS 210
5HIST 211History of the Middle AgesMRST 211
5HIST 216History of ChristianityRELG 216
5HIST 221Science in History 
5HIST 222History of Sport 
5HIST 228History of Medicine in Western Society 
5HIST 231Revolutions and Misbehaving Monarchs in Pre-Modern EnglandMRST 231
5HIST 232History of England Since the Glorious Revolution 
5HIST 249History of the American Family 
5HIST 256Graphic Novels As History 
5HIST 261Russia to the Era of Catherine the Great 
5HIST 262Russia: The Nineteenth Century to the Present 
5IDES 445History of Interiors and Designed Objects 
5JOUR 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
5LARC 241History of Landscape Architecture 
5MODL 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
5NRES 130People of Great Plains 
5NRES 289People and the Land: Human Environmental Interactions on the Great PlainsGEOG 289
5PHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy 
5PHIL 105The Philosophy of Food 
5PHIL 213Medical Ethics 
5PHIL 216Introduction to Psychology and Philosophy 
5PHIL 217Philosophy of Cognitive Science 
5PHIL 218Philosophy of FeminismWMNS 218
5PHIL 220Elements of Ethics 
5PHIL 221Political Philosophy 
5PHIL 230Philosophy of Law 
5PHIL 231History of Philosophy (Ancient) 
5PHIL 232History of Philosophy (Modern) 
5PHIL 265Philosophy of Religion 
5PHIL 301Theory of Knowledge 
5PHIL 302Introduction to Metaphysics 
5PHIL 305Introduction to Philosophy of Language 
5PHIL 314Problems in the Philosophy of Mind 
5PHIL 315Personal Identity and Persistence 
5PHIL 317Philosophy of Science 
5PHIL 320Ethical Theory 
5PHIL 327Aesthetics 
5PHIL 332Spinoza 
5PHIL 336Ethics: Ancient and Medieval 
5PHIL 337Knowledge: Ancient and Medieval 
5PHIL 338Metaphysics: Ancient and Medieval 
5RELG 150Jesus: A Global HistoryGLST 150
5RELG 205Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old TestamentJUDS 205
5RELG 206Ways of Western Religion 
5RELG 220Reason and Religion 
5RELG 225Science and Religion 
5RELG 381Topics in Religion and Popular Culture 
5RUSS 301Russian Cultural Studies 
5RUSS 302Studies in Russian Culture and Film 
5RUSS 482Russian Literature in Translation 
5RUSS 483Russian Secular and Political Folklore 
5SOIL 101Soil and Society 
5SPAN 305The Analysis of Communication in Spanish 
5SPAN 314Ecological Imagination in Hispanic Culture 
5SPAN 315Gender and Sexuality in Hispanic CultureWMNS 315
5SPAN 331War and Human Rights in Latin AmericaETHN 331
5TMFD 407History of Dress 
5TMFD 408Textiles, Technology and Culture 
6AECN 141Introduction to the Economics of Agriculture 
6ANTH 110Introduction to Anthropology 
6ANTH 130Anthropology of the Great Plains 
6ANTH 212Introduction to Cultural AnthropologyETHN 212
6ANTH 215Anthropology of Death 
6ANTH 237Ancient MesoamericaETHN 237
6ANTH 252World Archaeology, Global HeritageCLAS 252
6ANTH 337Archaeology of the American Southwest 
6ANTH 447Biology of Inequality 
6ANTH 474Development in Theory and PracticeGLST 474
6BSAD 182HHonors: Foundations of EconomicsRAIK 182H
6COMM 370Family Communication 
6CRIM 101Survey of Criminal Justice 
6CYAF 160Human Development and the Family 
6CYAF 160HHonors: Human Development and the Family 
6CYAF 280Family Science 
6CYAF 380Working with Families in Communities and Schools 
6ECON 200Economic Essentials and Issues 
6ECON 211Principles of Macroeconomics 
6ECON 211HHonors: Principles of Macroeconomics 
6ECON 212Principles of Microeconomics 
6ECON 212HHonors: Principles of Microeconomics 
6EDPS 189HHonors: How to Learn and Develop Talent 
6EDPS 209Strategies for Academic Success 
6EDPS 250Fundamentals of Child Development for Education 
6EDPS 251Fundamentals of Adolescent Development for Education 
6EDPS 320Happiness and Well-Being through Positive Psychology 
6EDPS 350Basic Helping Skills 
6EDPS 362Learning in the Classroom 
6EDPS 386Children's Mental Health and Mental Illness 
6EDPS 457Learning and Motivation Principles for Secondary Teaching 
6ENGR 200Professionalism and Global Perspective 
6ENGR 320Leadership, Management and Ethics 
6FINA 260Personal Finance 
6GEOG 181Global Environmental Issues 
6GEOG 361Urban Geography 
6GEOG 362Rural Landscapes and Livelihoods in a Global World 
6GERO 200Introduction to Gerontology 
6GLST 280Colonization, Decolonization and GlobalizationANTH 280; ETHN 280
6JOMC 317Video Games & Society 
6JOMC 322Democracy and the Media: Trusting the News in a Hyper-Polarized Era 
6MUED 244Music Learning and Development 
6MUNM 301Music and Sports: Performance and Perception 
6MUNM 333Psychology of Music 
6NRES 289People and the Land: Human Environmental Interactions on the Great PlainsGEOG 289
6POLS 100Power and Politics in America 
6POLS 100HHonors: Power and Politics in America 
6POLS 150Introduction to Biology, Psychology, and Politics 
6POLS 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
6POLS 227The Presidency 
6POLS 230Elections, Political Parties, and Special Interests 
6POLS 238Blacks and the American Political SystemETHN 238
6POLS 250Genetics, Brains, and Politics 
6POLS 350Issues in Biology, Psychology, and Politics 
6POLS 375Conflict and Development in AfricaETHN 375
6POLS 450Conducting Research in Political Psychology 
6PSYC 181Introduction to Psychology 
6PSYC 181HHonors: Introduction to Psychology 
6PSYC 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
6PSYC 288The Psychology of Social Behavior 
6SOCI 101Introduction to Sociology 
6SOCI 180Social Problems 
6SOCI 200Gender in Contemporary SocietyWMNS 200
6SOCI 209Sociology of Crime 
6SOCI 217Sociology of Race and EthnicityETHN 217
6SOCI 226Families and SocietyWMNS 226
7AHIS 101Cave Paintings to Cathedrals 
7AHIS 102Renaissance to Modern Art 
7ARCH 240Architecture History and Theory I 
7ARCH 241Architecture History and Theory II 
7ARTP 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
7ARTP 270Computational Creativity 
7ARTP 383Art at Cedar Point 
7CERM 131Ceramics for Non-majors: Wheelthrowing 
7CERM 132Ceramics for Non-Majors: Handbuilding 
7DRAW 101Beginning Drawing 
7DSGN 110Design Thinking 
7EMAR 110Story Lab I 
7ENGL 170Beginning Creative Writing 
7ENGL 251Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Writing 
7ENGL 252Introduction to Fiction Writing 
7ENGL 253Introduction to Poetry Writing 
7ENGL 276Interactive Narrative and Game Design 
7ENGL 352Intermediate Fiction Writing 
7FILM 100Language of Cinema 
7FILM 200Introduction to Film History 
7FILM 219Film Genre 
7FILM 239Film Directors 
7FILM 349National Cinemas 
7FILM 373Film Theory and Criticism 
7FILM 413Film 
7FILM 439Film Directors 
7FILM 459Writing For Film 
7IDES 201Introduction to Product & Industrial Design 
7IDES 445History of Interiors and Designed Objects 
7MUNM 171Arts Alive at Nebraska 
7MUNM 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
7MUNM 201Contemporary Issues in Music and the Arts 
7MUNM 275Music in Film 
7MUNM 276GThe Music Experience 
7MUNM 287The History of Rock MusicMUSC 287
7MUNM 301Music and Sports: Performance and Perception 
7MUNM 333Psychology of Music 
7MUNM 380Music and Protest In Latin America 
7MUNM 387History of American Jazz 
7MUSC 160Music as Art, Discipline and Profession 
7MUSC 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
7MUSC 280World MusicMUNM 280
7MUSC 282Introduction to Music Composition and Digital Audio Production 
7PHIL 327Aesthetics 
7PHOT 161Photography for Non-majors 
7PLAS 200Landscape and Environmental AppreciationGEOG 200; LARC 200
7PLAS 261Floral Design I 
7PRNT 141Printmaking for Non-majors 
7SCLP 111Sculpture for Non-majors 
7THEA 112GIntroduction to Theatre 
7THEA 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
8ADPR 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
8AECN 445Agricultural and Natural Resource Policy AnalysisNREE 445
8ALEC 165Pepsi Service Scholars 
8ALEC 388Ethics in Agriculture and Natural ResourcesAECN 388
8ANTH 304Archaeological Collections and Collections Management 
8ANTH 352Indigenous Peoples of the Great PlainsETHN 352
8ARCH 107Sustainability Basics and the Built Environment 
8BLAW 300Business, Government & Society 
8BLAW 371Legal Environment 
8BLAW 372Business Law I 
8BLAW 372HHonors: Business Law I 
8BSAD 372HHonors: Business LawRAIK 372H
8CLAS 222Sparta 
8CNST 420Professional Practice and Ethics 
8COMM 220Public Advocacy and Civic Engagement 
8COMM 330Freedom of Speech 
8COMM 375Theories of Persuasion 
8CONE 206Engineering EconomicsBSEN 206
8CRPL 400Introduction to Planning 
8CSCE 486Computer Science Professional Development 
8CSCE 486HHonors Computer Science Professional Development 
8CSCE 488Computer Engineering Professional Development 
8CSCE 488HHonors Computer Engineering Professional Development 
8CYAF 150Life Skills For Success 
8ECON 200Economic Essentials and Issues 
8ENGL 210PLiterature of War and Peace 
8ENGL 275Introduction to Rhetorical Theory 
8ENGL 376Rhetoric: Argument and Society 
8ENGR 320Leadership, Management and Ethics 
8ENGR 469Technology, Science and Civilization 
8ENVR 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
8ENVR 201Science, Systems, Environment and Sustainability 
8ENVR 334Psychology of Environmental SustainabilityPSYC 334
8ETHN 100Introduction to Ethnic Studies 
8ETHN 200Introduction to African American Studies 
8ETHN 201Introduction to Indigenous Studies 
8GEOG 403Environmental Justice 
8HIST 115Making & Breaking Law in US History 
8HIST 243Early America to 1800 
8HIST 24419th Century America 
8HIST 245Modern America Since 1900 
8HIST 265The Global History of American Capitalism 
8IDES 415Product Design for Change 
8JOMC 222Social Justice, Human Rights and the Media 
8JOMC 422Race, Gender, and Media 
8JOMC 487Media, Ethics and Society 
8NRES 330Environmental HealthNUTR 330
8PHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy 
8PHIL 105The Philosophy of Food 
8PHIL 106Philosophy and Current Issues 
8PHIL 107Ethics of Emerging Media Arts 
8PHIL 208Business Ethics 
8PHIL 212Ethics of Technology and Big Data 
8PHIL 213Medical Ethics 
8PHIL 221Political Philosophy 
8PHIL 225Environmental Ethics 
8PHIL 230Philosophy of Law 
8PHIL 320Ethical Theory 
8PHIL 323Topics in Applied Ethics 
8PHIL 325Advanced Social Political Philosophy 
8POLS 100Power and Politics in America 
8POLS 100HHonors: Power and Politics in America 
8RAIK 401HHonors: RAIK Design Studio IBSAD 401H; CSCE 401H; SOFT 401H
8RELG 227Religion and Politics in AmericaHIST 227
8SCIL 101Science and Decision-Making for a Complex World 
8SCIL 101HScience and Decision-making for a Complex World 
8SCIL 109Water in SocietyAECN 109; ENVR 109; GEOG 109; NRES 109
8SOCI 362Ethics and the Responsible Conduct of Research 
8SPMC 189HIssues and Ethics in Sports: Cheaters, Billionaires and Mega Media: American Sports in the 21st Cent 
8TEAC 331School and Society 
8WMNS 210Activism and Feminist Communities 
9ADPR 438Global Advertising 
9AECN 220International Agricultural Trade 
9AECN 346World Food Economics 
9AECN 367Agricultural Development in Developing Countries 
9AECN 420International Food and Agricultural Trade 
9AECN 425Agricultural Marketing in a Multinational Environment 
9AGRI 282Introduction to Global Agricultural and Natural Resources Issues 
9AGRI 310Study Tours in International Agriculture 
9ANTH 110Introduction to Anthropology 
9ANTH 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
9ANTH 237Ancient MesoamericaETHN 237; LAMS 237
9ANTH 252World Archaeology, Global HeritageCLAS 252
9ANTH 265Global Health 
9ANTH 386Digital Heritage Tools 
9ARAB 288Exploring Love, Sexuality and Femininity in the History of Arabic CultureRELG 288; WMNS 288
9BSAD 320Global Issues 
9BSAD 420Global Leadership and the Culture Map 
9CHME 204Carbon Footprints: From Greenhouse Gases to Global Warming 
9CLAS 183Heroes, Wives, and SlavesHIST 183
9CLAS 309Roman ReligionHIST 309; RELG 309
9COMM 311Intercultural and Intergroup CommunicationETHN 311
9COMM 435Rhetorics of Race and Empire 
9CRIM 338Race, Ethnicity and Criminal Justice 
9CRPL 300The Community and the Future 
9CYAF 482ALearning Abroad with Child, Youth and Family Studies 
9CYAF 495Special Topics in Family and Cultural Diversity 
9ECON 321Introduction to International Economics 
9ENGL 212Introduction to LGBTQ LiteratureWMNS 212
9ENGL 214Introduction to African American and African Literary Theory 
9ENGL 215Introduction to Women's LiteratureWMNS 215
9ENGL 242Global Literatures since 1850GLST 242
9ENGL 244African American Literature since 1865ETHN 244
9ENGL 244AIntroduction to African LiteratureETHN 244A
9ENGL 245AIntroduction to Asian American LiteratureETHN 245A
9ENGL 245JJewish-American LiteratureJUDS 245J
9ENGL 245NIntroduction to Native American LiteratureETHN 245N
9ENGL 312LGBTQ Literature and FilmWMNS 312
9ENGL 315BWomen in Popular CultureWMNS 315B
9ENGL 344DCaribbean LiteratureETHN 344D
9ENGL 345DChicana and/or Chicano LiteratureETHN 345D
9ENGL 345NNative American Women WritersETHN 345N; WMNS 345N
9ENGL 346Cuban-American LiteratureETHN 346
9ENGL 376Rhetoric: Argument and Society 
9ENGR 200Professionalism and Global Perspective 
9ENSC 110Energy in Perspective 
9ENVR 249Individual and Cultural Perspectives on the EnvironmentNRES 249
9ETHN 100Introduction to Ethnic Studies 
9ETHN 200Introduction to African American Studies 
9ETHN 201Introduction to Indigenous Studies 
9ETHN 202Introduction to Latinx Studies 
9ETHN 203Introduction to Africa 
9FILM 211Introduction to Gender and Sexuality in FilmWMNS 211
9FILM 311Intermediate Studies in Gender and Sexuality in Film 
9GEOG 140Introductory Human Geography 
9GEOG 181Global Environmental Issues 
9GEOG 271Exploring North America and its Cultural Diversity 
9GEOG 272Geography of World Regions 
9GEOG 380Geography of AfricaETHN 380; NRES 380
9GEOL 125Frontiers in Antarctic Geosciences 
9GLST 214Food and CultureANTH 214; MODL 214
9GPSP 377Women of the Great PlainsGEOG 377; WMNS 377
9HIST 113History of Hip HopETHN 113
9HIST 114History of Modern Crime 
9HIST 120World History to 1500 CE 
9HIST 121World History Since 1500 CE 
9HIST 125Powerful Queens and Warrior Women in the Premodern WorldWMNS 125
9HIST 150African Culture and Civilization 
9HIST 155Villains and Heroes in Premodern World History 
9HIST 160Native Americans in Popular CultureETHN 160
9HIST 171History of Latin AmericaETHN 171
9HIST 181Introduction to East Asian CivilizationPOLS 171
9HIST 206History of MexicoETHN 206
9HIST 214History of IslamRELG 214
9HIST 217Israel: The Holy LandJUDS 217; RELG 217
9HIST 219Introduction to Jewish HistoryJUDS 219; RELG 219
9HIST 234Coming to AmericaETHN 234
9HIST 237The Vikings 
9HIST 241Native American HistoryETHN 241
9HIST 247African American History: After 1877ETHN 247
9HIST 251North American West: Borders, Nations, & Peoples 
9HIST 253Empire and Resistance in the Modern World 
9HIST 254Human Rights in Modern World History 
9HIST 282Modern East Asia 
9HIST 285Africa Since 1800ETHN 285
9HIST 286The Music of Protest 
9HIST 358Native American WomenETHN 358; WMNS 358
9JOMC 222Social Justice, Human Rights and the Media 
9JOMC 380Global News in the Age of Social Media 
9JOMC 422Race, Gender, and Media 
9MNGT 365Managing Diversity in Organizations 
9MNGT 414International Management 
9MODL 260Becoming American: How Identities are Created and Re-Created 
9MUNM 171Arts Alive at Nebraska 
9MUNM 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
9MUNM 380Music and Protest In Latin America 
9MUSC 280World MusicMUNM 280
9NRES 104Climate in Crisis 
9NRES 492International Study Tours in Natural Resource Management 
9NUTR 253Cultural Aspects of Food and Nutrition 
9PHIL 106Philosophy and Current Issues 
9PHIL 212Ethics of Technology and Big Data 
9PHIL 218Philosophy of FeminismWMNS 218
9PHIL 225Environmental Ethics 
9PHIL 265Philosophy of Religion 
9PHIL 325Advanced Social Political Philosophy 
9PLAS 107Invasive Plant Species: Impacts on EcosystemsNRES 107
9PLAS 200Landscape and Environmental AppreciationGEOG 200; LARC 200
9PLAS 307Hydroponics for Growing Populations 
9PLAS 319Edible Landscapes 
9POLS 160International RelationsGLST 160
9POLS 238Blacks and the American Political SystemETHN 238
9POLS 333Immigration and PoliticsETHN 333
9POLS 375Conflict and Development in AfricaETHN 375
9PSYC 330Psychology of Diversity 
9RELG 108World Religions 
9RELG 118Introduction to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Daoism 
9RELG 134Religious Diversity in AmericaHIST 134
9RELG 180Culture, Religion, and Society in AsiaHIST 180
9RELG 181Judaism, Christianity and Islam 
9RELG 201Yoga, Tantra, Zen 
9RELG 208Introduction to Islam 
9RELG 209Judaism and Christianity in Conflict and CoexistenceJUDS 209
9RELG 215Religion and Culture Before 1000 C.E. 
9RELG 218History of BuddhismHIST 218
9RELG 226The History of African-American Religious ExperienceETHN 226; HIST 226
9RELG 230Tibetan Buddhism 
9SLPA 488Linguistic Needs of Bilingual and Culturally Different Students 
9SOCI 180Social Problems 
9SOCI 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
9SOCI 200Gender in Contemporary SocietyWMNS 200
9SOCI 217Sociology of Race and EthnicityETHN 217
9SOCI 226Families and SocietyWMNS 226
9SPAN 321Cultures of Spain 
9SPAN 331War and Human Rights in Latin AmericaETHN 331
9TEAC 330Multicultural EducationETHN 330
9THEA 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
9TMFD 123Clothing and Society: You Are What You Wear 
9UGEP 250Global Awareness Through Education Abroad 
9WMNS 101Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies 
9WMNS 189HUniversity Honors Seminar 
9WMNS 201Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Sexuality Studies 
9WMNS 202Women, Gender, and Health 
9WMNS 203Storytelling as Resistance: Gender, Race, and Sexuality 
9WMNS 250Sex and Gender Around the Globe 
10ACTS 475Actuarial Applications in Practice 
10ADPR 429Jacht Student Ad Agency 
10ADPR 439Student Competitions 
10ADPR 489Advertising and Public Relations Campaigns 
10AECN 420International Food and Agricultural Trade 
10AECN 425Agricultural Marketing in a Multinational Environment 
10AECN 435Advanced Agricultural Marketing Management 
10AECN 445Agricultural and Natural Resource Policy AnalysisNREE 445
10AECN 453Agricultural and Rural Property Appraisal 
10AGRI 485Investigations in Applied Science 
10AGST 462Equipment Systems 
10AHIS 400Art History Capstone Experience 
10ALEC 431Student Teaching 
10ALEC 480Capstone Experience in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication 
10ALEC 495AInternship in Leadership Development 
10ANTH 411Visual Anthropology 
10ANTH 451Contemporary Issues of Indigenous Peoples in North AmericaETHN 451
10ANTH 485Anthropology Capstone 
10ANTH 488Contemporary Issues in Anthropology 
10ARCH 411Architectural Design: IntegrateARCH 411H
10AREN 415HVAC Design 
10AREN 425Lighting Design 
10ARTP 400Capstone Art Experience 
10ASCI 450Horse Management 
10ASCI 455Beef Cow-Calf Management 
10ASCI 457Beef Feedlot Management 
10ASCI 485Animal Systems Analysis 
10ASCI 486Animal Biological Systems 
10ATHT 445Medical Conditions in Athletic Training 
10BIOC 435Advanced Topics in Biochemistry 
10BIOS 402Cancer Biology 
10BIOS 412Human Genetics 
10BIOS 418Advanced Genetics 
10BIOS 420Molecular GeneticsMBIO 420
10BIOS 421Microbial DiversityMBIO 421
10BIOS 422Comparative Physiology 
10BIOS 429Phylogenetic Biology 
10BIOS 435Evolutionary Medicine 
10BIOS 452Field Epidemiology 
10BIOS 453Predator Ecology 
10BIOS 454Ecological InteractionsNRES 454
10BIOS 457Ecosystem EcologyGEOL 457
10BIOS 462Animal Behavior 
10BIOS 472Evolution 
10BIOS 487Field Parasitology 
10BRDC 429Jacht Student Ad Agency 
10BSEN 480Design II in Agricultural and Biological Systems EngineeringAGEN 480
10CASC 481Multi-disciplinary Studies Capstone 
10CHEM 421Analytical Chemistry 
10CHEM 441Inorganic Chemistry 
10CHME 453Chemical Engineering Process Design and Safety 
10CIVE 402Civil Engineering Design II 
10CIVE 444Structural Design and Planning 
10CIVE 489Senior Design Project 
10CIVE 489HHonors: Senior Design Project 
10CLAS 401Research SeminarRELG 401
10CNST 489Senior Construction Project 
10COMM 489Communication Studies Capstone 
10CONE 489Construction Engineering Capstone Course 
10CRIM 397Internship in Criminal Justice 
10CRIM 398Research Internship 
10CRIM 496Issues in Crime and Justice 
10CSCE 487Computer Science Senior Design Project 
10CSCE 487HHonors Computer Science Senior Design Project 
10CSCE 489Computer Engineering Senior Design Project 
10CSCE 489HHonors Computer Engineering Senior Design Project 
10CYAF 403Student Teaching Seminar in Family and Consumer Sciences 
10CYAF 410ECEMS - Senior Capstone 
10CYAF 497AStudent Teaching in Early Childhood Education: Preschool 
10CYAF 497DCommunity Internship in Child, Youth and Family Studies 
10DANC 448Dance Pedagogy 
10ECEN 495Electrical Engineering Capstone II 
10ECEN 499Computer Engineering Capstone II 
10ECON 440Regional Development 
10ECON 45820th Century United States Economic HistoryHIST 458
10ECON 481Economics of the Labor Market 
10ECON 482Labor in the National Economy 
10EMAR 479Capstone Project in Emerging Media ArtsTHEA 479
10ENGL 487English Capstone Experience 
10ENTO 485Current Issues in Entomology 
10ENVE 402Environmental Engineering Design II 
10ENVR 489Environmental Studies Senior Thesis I 
10ENVR 489HHonors: Environmental Studies Senior Thesis I 
10ENVR 499Environmental Studies Senior Thesis II 
10ENVR 499HHonors: Environmental Studies Senior Thesis II 
10ETHN 400Senior Seminar 
10FDST 460Food Product Development Concepts I 
10FORS 485Current Issues in Forensic Science 
10FREN 445Topics in Medieval and Early Modern French Writing 
10FREN 453Topics in Nineteenth Century French Culture and Writing 
10FREN 457Modern French Writing 
10FREN 460Literatures of French Expression 
10FREN 461Cultural Productions of the French-Speaking World 
10FREN 482Short Fiction 
10FREN 483French/Francophone Theater 
10FREN 485Writing the Self: Autofiction in/and the French-Speaking World 
10FREN 486French and Francophone Women Writers 
10GEOG 402Geography Capstone 
10GEOL 400Structural Geology 
10GEOL 460Summer Field Course 
10GERM 445Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century German Literature 
10GERM 447Eighteenth-Century Literature 
10GERM 448Romanticism 
10GERM 451From Naturalism to Expressionism 
10GERM 452From the Weimar Republic into Exile 
10GERM 453History of German Poetry 
10GERM 454German Literature and Philosophy 
10GERM 455Postwar German Literature: The Literature of West Germany, Austria, and Switzerland 
10GERM 459Works of Goethe and Schiller 
10GERM 460The Faust Tradition 
10GLST 484Global Studies Capstone 
10GRPH 428Design Studio II: Design Capstone 
10HIST 450Capstone Seminar 
10HIST 450HHonors: Capstone Seminar 
10HRTM 479Senior Seminar in Hospitality Management 
10IDES 411Interior Design Studio V: Capstone Studio 
10JOUR 400Media CapstoneBRDC 400
10LARC 411Design Studio VI: Advanced Design in Landscape Architecture 
10MATH 417Group Theory 
10MATH 428Principles of Operations Research 
10MATH 435Math in the City 
10MATH 489Stochastic Processes 
10MECH 446Mechanical Engineering Design I 
10MECH 446HHonors: Mechanical Engineering Design I 
10MECH 447Mechanical Engineering Design II 
10MECH 447HHonors: Mechanical Engineering Design II 
10METR 442Advanced Synoptic Meteorology-Climatology 
10METR 470The Climate System: Analysis and Prediction 
10MNGT 475Business Strategies 
10MNGT 475HHonors: Business Policies and StrategiesRAIK 476H
10MUED 403Student Teaching Seminar 
10MUSC 384Research Proposal Development 
10MUSC 384AResearch Proposal Development - BA in Music on the Research Track 
10MUSC 384BResearch Proposal Development - BM in Music History 
10MUSC 384EResearch Proposal Development - BM in Music Theory 
10MUSC 445Analysis for Performance 
10MUSC 484Music Technology: Capstone 
10MUSC 499Undergraduate Thesis 
10NRES 433Wildlife Management Techniques 
10NRES 438Grassland Conservation: Planning and Management 
10NRES 441Zoo Keeping and Management 
10NRES 451Soils, Water, and Environmental Chemistry 
10NRES 457Green Space and Urban Forestry ManagementPLAS 457
10NRES 459LimnologyBIOS 459
10NRES 463Fisheries Science 
10NRES 475Water Quality StrategyAGST 475; CIVE 475; CRPL 475; GEOL 475; PLAS 475; POLS 475; SOIL 475
10NUTR 404Evaluation and Research Related to Health Promotion 
10NUTR 455Advanced Nutrition 
10PGAM 489PGA Golf Management Integration 
10PHIL 400Undergraduate Seminar in Philosophy 
10PHIL 486Philosophical Themes 
10PHYS 343Physics of Lasers and Modern Optics 
10PHYS 441Experimental Physics I 
10PLAS 403Scientific Writing and Communication 
10PLAS 405Crop Management Strategies 
10PLAS 427Turfgrass Systems Management 
10PLAS 435AgroecologyNRES 435
10PLAS 445Livestock Management on Range and PastureASCI 451; GRAS 445; RNGE 445
10PLAS 469Ecological Landscape DesignARCH 469
10PLAS 470Critical Thinking in Landscape Management 
10PLAS 488Entrepreneurship and Enterprise DevelopmentABUS 488; EAEP 488; ENTR 488
10PLPT 418Microbial Genetics & GenomicsMBIO 418
10POLS 400Democracy and Democratic Citizenship 
10PSYC 350Research Methods and Data Analysis 
10RAIK 402HHonors: RAIK Design Studio IIBSAD 402H; CSCE 402H; SOFT 402H
10RUSS 408Russian in Mass and Social Media 
10SLPA 421Professional Issues for the Communication Disorders Specialist 
10SOCI 310BApplied Sociology: Community-based Research II 
10SOCI 489Sociology Capstone 
10SPAN 405Advanced Grammar 
10SPAN 407History of the Spanish Language 
10SPAN 454Gender and Sexuality in SpainWMNS 454
10SPAN 461History and Fiction in Latin America 
10SPAN 465Caribbean Literature and Culture 
10SPAN 476Exile and Migration 
10SPAN 486Spanish in the United States: Variation and Contact 
10SPED 403Seminar: General Special Education 
10SPMC 450Sports Media and Communication Capstone 
10STAT 425Statistical Collaboration II 
10STAT 451Development of Statistical Software 
10STAT 471Analysis of Messy Data 
10STAT 499Undergraduate Thesis 
10TEAC 403AStudent Teaching Capstone Seminar 
10TEAC 403BSecondary Student Teaching Seminar 
10THEA 472Theatre Perspectives 
10TMFD 412Product Development IV: Trend Analysis & Product Conceptualization 
10VBMS 403Integrated Principles and Prevention of Livestock Diseases 
10WMNS 489Senior Seminar