ACE Recertification

To ensure that ACE certified courses continue to align with their designated outcomes, ACE Governing Document IV established a process to recertify and assess ACE courses on a five-year rotating basis. 

Steps for ACE recertification:

  1. In the spring the Office of Undergraduate Education Programs will send each college associate dean a list of courses due for recertification in the fall semester.
  2. The college will then contact its departments, who will be asked to use criteria developed by the UUCC ACE subcommittee to confirm that the courses continue to be aligned with the ACE outcome.
  3. Departments will confirm whether their courses are fulfilling the ACE criteria. The reports will be reviewed and communicated to Undergraduate Education Programs.
  4. University Curriculum Committee’s ACE subcommittee will affirm that the course should be recertified.  (Departments continue to be responsible for assessing each course certified for an ACE outcome.)

Schedule for ACE Recertification

Academic YearACE Student Learning Outcome
2023-2024University-wide update on assessment and recertification processes
2024-2025ACE 1, 2, and 3
2025-2026ACE 4, 5, and 6
2026-2027ACE 7, 8, and 9
2027-2028ACE 10