ACE Governing Documents

In 2008, UNL's eight undergraduate colleges voted to adopt the ACE program based on student learning outcomes. The four governing documents created and approved by the faculty provide: 10 Student Learning Outcomes, the criteria and rules for the ACE courses, and the process for ACE certification, recertification, and assessment.

ACE Governing Document I:
Institutional Objectives and Student Learning Objectives
List of Original ACE Student Learning Outcomes
(view 2016 update)

ACE Governing Document II:
Structural Criteria
Structural criteria and rules for ACE courses

ACE Governing Document III:
Populating ACE: A Process for Proposing, Reviewing, and Certifying the Initial Set of ACE Courses
Developed to guide the process for initial ACE course certification.
Kept for archival purposes.

ACE Governing Document IV:
Governance and Assessment
Processes to certify, assess, and recertify ACE courses