Certifying ACE Courses

ACE certification is completed through our Curriculum Information Mangagement system (CIM).

Steps for ACE certification:

  1. Log into CIM using your My.UNL username and password.
  2. Enter the subject code and course number into the search and then press 'Edit Course'.
  3. Answer the first question on the form accordingly 'Will you be updating only the ACE Certification section of this proposal?'
  4. Select 'Yes' for ACE Certification.
  5. Select 'Yes' for the desired ACE Outcome and answer the required questions.
  6. Complete any other required information on the form.
  7. Attach a syllabus including the following information:
    • The Learning Outcome(s) that would be satisfied by the course.
    • A brief description of the opportunities this course would provide for students to acquire the knowledge or skills necessary to achieve the Learning Outcome(s).
    • A brief description of the graded assignments that the instructor(s) will use to assess the students’ achievement of the Outcome(s).
  8. Submit request by pressing 'Start Workflow'.

ACE Certification Guidelines

ACE certification proposals can be found on the ACE certified courses list (open the certification proposal by clicking on the name of the course).